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Build a Bear

Create an intelligent toy using a Build a Bear toy from (or any available toy).

If you live in Seattle, there is a Build a Bear store in Bellevue Square.
There you can choose a 'skin', accessories, they will stuff him or her, and ask to leave the bear 'untied'. Make sure to get a heart, and birth certificate.

Steps to Building your Gadgeteer Bear

  1. Get ready to remove bear from bear carrier
  1. Remove Bear from bear carrier and ensure you have bear heart, birth certificate.
  1. Get Gadgeteer ready. Current modules: XBee, music, accelerometer, camera, and Spider mainboard.
  1. cram Gadgeteer in Bear after loosening string on back

We haven't found a good amplifier yet, so sound module must be plugged into headphone or external speakers. We have used a Duracell USB charger for power.

Technical Design

This is a early stage prototype, there is no technical design.


  • Make an easy to copy project for creating smart toys
  • Example project for XBeeClient
  • Testing ground for new AI approaches
  • connecting Gadgeteer to Semantic Web (using BrightStarDB

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